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DataMax provides today’s home-based entrepreneurs and mobile creatives with the means to launch their dream business from the comforts of their home office and begin enjoying all the benefits of being sel-employed and become your own boss.  Searching for just the right business for you?  Take a look at the BIG ONE HUNDRED LIST of real careers and professions you can launch with the help of DataMax.

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Home-Based Businesses for Today's Economy

Is It Time to Start Treating Your "Side Gig" as a Real Business?

Home-based “Side Hustles” are great options for many people and for a variety of reasons.  For most, they provide a way to make financial ends meet in today’s challenging inflationary economy.  They serve as an extra source of passive income and help you make ends meet at the end of the month. 

But if you haven’t noticed… things are not really getting better.  For example, a price of a new car just set an average record at nearly $50,000.  Related auto insurance premiums reflect the worst crisis in 30 years.  Rent THROUGH THE ROOF? Well we could go on and on.

But there is a solution.  And, it may be as simple as starting to treat your “side gig” as a REAL business.  Or, if you’ve been waiting to start a new home-business, there is no better time than RIGHT NOW!

What is a Factoring Broker

In today’s challenging inflationary economy, more and more individuals are seeking some method of generating an additional source of income.  While some simply decide to apply for a second (or

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Home Based Business Statistics

The U.S. Small Business Administration estimates that almost half of all small businesses are run from home. With nearly 32 million small businesses, that means about 16 million are home-based.  And during the pandemic, the U.S. saw a record number of new businesses (49% increase) being started from the convenience of a home residence. Don’t assume that a home-based business is somehow a fly-by-night organization that has less long-term potential. The fact that there is less overhead means you need less capital to get started and keep the business running. This might even mean that you have a better chance of long-term success than a typical brick-and-mortar business or retail storefront as you don’t have a physical location to pay rent or a mortgage on.

"HOT" Home Business Top Picks for Today's
Self-Starters and Mobile Creatives


Exceptional income potential for both full time and part time opportunity seekers.


Excellent income potential for both full time and part time opportunity seekers


Good income potential for both full time and part time opportunity seekers


Average income potential for both full time and part time opportunity seekers

Freelance Factoring Broker $$$$

Personal Concierge
(Seniors) $$$

Become a Business Opportunity Coach

Cash Flow Broker Consultant$$

Cash Flow Consultant Business Opportunity

Consumer Finance "Super-Site" $$$

Mortgage Note Broker

Discount Mortgage
Note Broker $

Computer Tutor / Instructor $$

Professional Blogger

Professional Blogger / Affiliate Marketer $$

Cleaning Service Business $$$

Mobile Notary Service$$

Auto Detailing Business $$

Pet Sitter / House Sitter $$

Auto Buyer /
Concierge $$

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