Premium Domains

Premium Domains

A premium domain name is a high-quality domain that investors often buy and sell with the aim of making a profit. These names have a variety of qualities that allow them to outperform others in the key function of a domain, helping users find the website they’re looking for.  

Premium domains are almost always purchased for their SEO value.  They most often tell Google and search engines exactly what you do and are prized for their business value.  All of our premium domains include a standard website template.

Domain Name


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If you are in the private mortgage note and cash flow  business, this is one of the best we’ve ever seen available.  This domain includes one of our premium note broker websites.

$599.95 (Special)

If you are in the business of consulting as a factoring broker, you know this is one of the premier profession to be in right now. When the economy is in trouble and the banks aren’t lending, small businesses turn to factoring.  This is the perfect domain if you are going to take your factoring broker business to the next level or maybe even start purchasing invoices as an investor.


Whether you are buying notes for your own portfolio or acting as a note broker, you need to provide quotes for noteholders.  This very high level premium domain tells everyone your website is THE PLACE to submit their mortgage note for sale.


For private mortgage buyers and sellers of notes, a lead-generating domain is a cornerstone of industry success.  The more visitors you attract, the more quote you provide, and the more sales you will provide. In short, a quality domain means more fees and commissions


If you are in the ultra profitable business of investing in private mortgage notes and find yourself in the need a a business-generating website domain…you simply will not find a better combination for the notes business.