Website Setup

Setup Your DataMax Enterprise Website Now

To setup and build your new DataMax Enterprise Website, simply complete the form below and provide us with your template choice and business information.  Once received, your site will typically be operational within 24-48 hours.

Completing Your Website Build Form

Once you have selected a Hosting Plan and set up your new account at DataMax Hosting .com, it is now time to complete a BUILD FORM which tells us your enterprise website template of choice.  DataMax provides very low cost website templates for dozens of popular home based businesses and we will create a template for you for virtually any realistic home-based business enterprise. 

Complete the form below to get your quotation and get started.  If you need to find your template ID, click the “Get My ID” below.

About Your Domain & Pointing

Most DataMax customers will take advantage of our FREE domain offer when setting up hosting.  Others, however, may have already purchased a domain from another provider.  If you already have a domain at a host other than DataMax, you will need to update (point) that domain’s DNS (domain name servers) so we can set up your site.  Point your domain to:


Complete the BUILD FORM

Click the BUTTON below and complete the form.  Once received we will email you with your quote for your website’s completion