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The BIG BIZ OPP LIST is the ultimate resource for entrepreneurs and mobile creatives seeking to launch their own small, home based business.  Check it out often as it is a work in progress.

Disclosure: Please note that some of the links you will find below are affiliate links and at no additional cost to you, this blog will earn a commission. Know that we only recommend tools and learning resources we’ve personally used or believe are genuinely helpful and recommendations are not related to the small affiliate commissions we earn make if you decide to purchase them.

Finding the Right Business for You

Finding the right home business to start can be a daunting task and to a great extent, may depend on your current job and work requirements. Most entrepreneurs seeking a home enterprise don’t have the luxury of being able to quit their day job to jump in to a new full time venture without having to worry about how they are going to pay the bills with little or no immediate income from the new venture.

For most, starting a new venture means starting it part-time while continuing to work a job that puts bread and butter on the table.  Exceptions to this rule occur when a spouse is the full time bread winner which can set a path for an immediate full time entry into a new venture without any financial worries.  Still, for many, the initial startup phase of a new home business will be part-time and after hours.

View the four (4) pages of opportunities.  The vast majority of home-based opportunities are those that can be run for the most part from a home office.  In a few cases, you will need a garage for storage and in some cases, you will need some additional rental space.  These are all opportunities virtually all can’t excel at with the right drive and ambition.


Air Duct Cleaning Business
Amazon Affiliate
Online Aromatherapy
Auto Detailing - Concierge
Baking Coach
BBQ Grill Repair and Assembly
Business Opportunity Coach
Candle Making Business
Start a Catering Business
Start a Commercial Cleaning Business
Community Directory Blogger
  1. AFFILIATE CHANNEL SALES SPECIALIST:  This is an exceptional business with huge potential.  Affiliate Channel Sales Specialists are experts is setting up and operating affiliate marketing programs for businesses that can benefit from having a commissioned outside sales force of affiliate marketers.  As an Affiliate Channel Sales Specialist, you both set up and run the program for a business and in addition to a salary, can earn a percentage of all affiliate sales.  (More info)
  2. AFFILIATE MARKETER:  For today’s mobile creatives that live and breath the internet, there is nothing like affiliate marketing. Affiliate “marketeers” join affiliate programs from manufacturers and service providers and post links on their websites to the products and services.  The idea behind is that you promote other peoples products, often through an affiliate network, earning a commission if your website visitors end up buying thanks to your website.  One exceptionally popular affiliate marketing business opportunity is the Amazon Associates Affiliate Program.  (View Guide at Amazon)
  3. AIR DUCT CLEANING SERVICE:  Entrepreneurs who are currently HVAC technicians are uniquely qualified to open air duct cleaning businesses, as they already possess the necessary skills and training to do so. If you are not already HVAC certified, and you are interested in opening this type of business, you can easily obtain the skills necessary from online and in-person classes.  In addition, air duct cleaning business owners should be self-starters, be ok with working alone, and be flexible with their schedules.
  4. AMAZON ASSOCIATE: Started in 1996, the Amazon Associates program was the first online affiliate program of its kind. Today, it is the largest and most successful online affiliate program, with over 900,000 members worldwide. Affiliate marketing is BIG BUSINESS and if you have your own website you can start earning up to 10% in referral fees by simply advertising Amazon products.  Amazon is a highly recognized household name and having an Amazon affiliate relationship can be a perfect side business for creative website niches as well as bloggers.  In today’s challenging economy, more and more home-based entrepreneurs are mastering their ability to build online “niche” websites featuring Amazon products.
  5. AROMATHERAPY BUSINESS:  Entrepreneurs who have a passion for homeopathic remedies and products may consider opening an aromatherapy business. Successful business owners will have a thirst for knowledge, a solid mind for business, and good sales skills. Startup costs can be anywhere from $10,000 to $30,000, with the potential to reach six-figure profits. Depending on your long-term goals, there is a large potential for growth in this field as the industry has experienced significant growth over the past few years.
  6. AUTO BUYER / CONCIERGE:  An Auto Concierge is an independent car buying service that will handle every part of the car buying or leasing process for those who do not want to deal with the auto dealers. Among other things, an auto concierge will consult with an individual regarding the right car to buy, contact dealers and negotiate price, and finally oversee and explain contracting and set up delivery.  An auto concierge differs from an “auto broker” in that an auto broker is paid by the dealer and an auto concierge is paid by the buyer.  Because of this, an auto concierge will typically work harder on behalf of the car buyer since that is who is paying the buying fee.
  7. AUTO DETAILING BUSINESS: Auto detailing is like car washing on steroids and although washing the car is where it all begins, detailing includes waxing, polishing, clay bar treatments, vacuuming, treating fabrics, and much more.  This is an exceptional home-based business for those with little startup capital and who don’t mind the physical requirements of this type of home business.  The average price of car detailing is $100. Your profit margin, if you start a one-person mobile service, will be around 90%    In your first year or two, you could work from home and detail 15 cars a week, bringing in $78,000 in annual revenue. This would mean about $70,000 in profit, assuming that 90% margin.(More Info)
  8. BABYSITTING SERVICE:  If you love children and your home is set up for it, babysitting can provide a solid, steady income in today’s economy and single parent world.  Additionally, babysitting in your own home means you can care for multiple children at one time and also means parents can avoid the “nanny tax” issues.
  9. BAKING COACH:  This can be a stand alone business but is a natural money making add-on to those running a recipe blog.  If you’re one of those gifted individuals that can make beautiful cakes, pies, and other baked goods from scratch, then share your knowledge and offer in-home baking classes to supplement the income your make from affiliate sales on your recipe blog.  (More info)
  10. BARBACUE GRILL REPAIR:   This is a very specialized handyman business but one that is easy to enter and with a relatively low startup cost.  “Grill Doctors” typically pick up, clean and and repair older grills, assemble new grills, or can make many repairs right on the spot.  They can also deliver propane and sell all types of grilling accessories.  Parts for almost all grills are readily available and you will likely need to have a small inventory.  Having a used commercial van (new or used) is advisable.
  11. BLOGGER:  Blogging has become BIG business primarily due to the many affiliate marketing opportunities that are available.  This is a business that will take time to build but the effort is definitely worth it.  It is also a business that definitely lends itself to travel and adventure if that is your goal.  There are many specialty niches of blogging and we will touch on many here in the list.
  12. BLOG CONTENT WRITER:  While the BIG money is certainly made in managing multiple blogs, professional blog writers can earn a living simply writing articles for bloggers too busy to write their own.  This unique freelance business seems to be booming as more and more bloggers and affiliate marketers launch their businesses but lack some of necessary writing skills to post great, attention getting articles.
  13. BOOKKEEPING / ACCOUNTING:  As a home-based business, bookkeeping is exceptionally attractive to many due to its very low start-up costs and relatively good income potential.  Additionally, other than the normal business licenses required in any jurisdiction, there are no professional licenses actually required to enter the field.  You will, however, need to either have or acquire a certain level of accounting and math skills to operate but this is readily available locally through any local college and most trade schools.
  14. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY COACH: Business Opportunity Coaching is one of the newer business opportunities we now support at DataMax and this enterprise is certainly on the rise due to more and more individuals seeking some way out of the world of the underpaid employee.  Business Opportunity Coaching is a unique area of consulting but this opportunity and enterprise is one that requires almost no startup capital and one that almost anyone can do if they are willing to invest in the many hours of research and data management which is required.
  15. CANDLE MAKING BUSINESS:  An ambitious candle maker can gross up to $50,000 per year  or sometimes even more via relationships with large retailers.  The business revolves mostly around the purchase of various forms of wax, your containers and color and fragrance additives. Once you’ve started small and proven your business model will work, you can buy these products at lower per-unit costs in bulk.
  16. CASH FLOW BROKER:  Cash Flow Consultants take the business of mortgage note brokering to a higher professional level.  No longer focusing on strictly owner financed mortgage notes, cash flow brokers act as middlemen on a host of additional products such as private mortgage notes, business notes, annuities, inheritance advances, legal settlement advances, etc.  Cash Flow Brokers are “cash out” specialists that act as middlemen assisting individuals in cashing out of financial obligations early, making a commission / fee in the process.  (See Additional Information)
  17. CATERING SERVICE: Do you enjoy cooking for others? Are you the go-to person to cook for family events and holidays? You can turn that skill and passion into profits by starting a home-based catering business.  Catering businesses can be run from home full or part-time, and earn between $30,000 and $80,000 a year.
  18. CITY GUIDE WRITER:  If you love your city and have a passion for writing, a side gig as a city guide writer might be ideal. According to Business Insider, real estate and tourism businesses often hire local writers to craft city and neighborhood guides. As a city guide writer, you would provide a unique local perspective on the city, statistics about population demographics and insider tips for shopping, recreation, culture, entertainment, activities, public transportation and more.
  19. CLEANING SERVICE BUSINESS (COMMERCIAL):  Cleaning residences and small businesses can be a very profitable home-based venture and one that is very easy to start. Don’t, however, overlook the fact that this can be physically demanding work, especially when you first start out and are likely to be doing most of the work yourself.  The great news is, however, that this is a business which can be started on a shoestring investment and also one that has never been more in demand. In today’s economy, working families find it necessary for both spouses to be employed to make ends meet and setting aside time for domestic chores has become difficult if not impossible. In short, many of today’s “moderns” need a house cleaning service.  (Enterprise Website Templates) (Enterprise Detail)
  20. COMMUNITY DIRECTORY BLOGGER:  This is a great blogging niche that will become a high traffic website in many communities.  Community directories are blogs that focus entirely on the activities of a particular city or counties social gatherings and this includes everything from exceptional restaurants, upcoming entertainment events, clubs and organization meetings such as Chamber of Commerce after hours get togethers to small bridge or pinochle clubs.  Money is made from advertising from restaurants, from classifieds placed from new clubs trying to form and from affiliate marketing opportunities.  As with most blogging niches, this is a very low cost business to operate with very good income possibilities.  (more info)