Benefits of Creating Your Personal Blog

A personal blog is a specialized website where an individual will share thoughts, experiences and interests with others.  For some, personal blogs can serves as a journal or diary of events. It’s where they can share life’s experiences in a highly descriptive print and illustrative format and often written in a conversational or informal tone and allows you to share your creativity with an online community.  What’s so appealing about starting a personal blog is that its absolutely perfect for the blogging beginner.  No matter what their blogging experience level is, personal bloggers can share those thoughts and experience with others or even the entire world.

What You Gain From Launching a Personal Blog

Setting up and launching a person blog is like going through a course of “Blogging 101″and for home-business entrepreneurs, there are many benefits such as…

  1. Sharing Your Interests with Like-Minded Individuals:  Blogging covers an unlimited  a wide range of interests and topics and are often hobby-focused or related. Is your objective to take connecting to others beyond social media? There are many major categories of niches of blog types that are launched by individuals focusing on food, fashion, movie reviews, sports of interest, hobbies and areas of expertise.
  2. Meeting New People:  As almost a side benefit of reason #1 above, sharing your interests with others means you will meet new and interesting people.  Like with virtually all websites, blogs provide you with a “display window” much greater than any other media.  All of the limitations of regular social media disappear when you have your own blogsite.  Your display window is boundless.
  3. Learning New Skills: This is a pro and con benefit of starting a personal blog.  Personal blogs are the easiest type of blog to create.  Personal blogs can almost be journals.  And the real benefit of a person blog is that it gets you started.  You can literally look at your personal blog as a TRAINING COURSE.  You will certainly spend time doing it, but you then be able to take that new knowledge and use it for serious business.  You will learn about WordPress, plugins, graphics, SEO, email marketing, social media marketing, and much more.  You will certainly sharpen your writing ability.
  4. List Building:  If you are in this for the long haul and the ability to make real money online, as you likely are, one of your primary (and most difficult) goals is to build your email lists.  And…one of the best ways to begin building lists of prospective customers is through a personal blog.  And, the amazing thing is, that you have several great “sales people” to help you build your lists.  And those would be Google and Pinterest.  Every time you post a new article to your blog, Google takes a look and indexes your masterpiece.  If you are creating a personal blog that features high quality images (travel, cooking, hobbies, etc.) Pinterest is your best friend.
  5. Making Money Blogging: When deciding to start a personal blog, no list for reasons would be complete without mentioning blogs can earn you money! They can generate revenue, and lots of it. The reality is that most personal blogs are written for reasons other than earning money.  But don’t be fooled.  In the long run, personal blogs, just like business websites, can be all about money. If you think that is not the case, just check out this article featuring Pinch of Yum and bloggers Lindsay and Bjork Ostrom.  So in some instances personal blogs make some affiliate revenue attributable to their blogs, the blog may be the vehicle that gets them noticed, allows them to build their lists, and the big money comes from other online sources.

How You Get Started with Your Personal Blog

Personal blogs are a little different than business blogs.  Most business blogs are “niche” sensitive.  That is, the blog focusses on a very particular niche and that is pretty standard in the business.  Personal blogging is different.  As we said before, your personal blog is a great learning experience.  It costs very little.  Just a great name and domain and then about $10 dollars a month and your in business.  WordPress is the platform and end of story.  It powers roughly 50% of all of the world’s blogs.  And its FREE.

One of your challenges is to make both your content and the look of your blog stand out among the others.  Content is content.  You will learn as you go and you post your articles.  To make the your articles stand out, you will need great images and a great method to project content in the most appealing way to visitors.  For making you blog stand out, we recommend the Elementor “drag and drop” website builder and content manager for WordPress.

Get Started Today!

Blogging is a spectacular way to generate passive income.  But before the “passive bucks” kick in, there is a great deal of non-passive work you will need to invest.  We can, however, it is very much worth the while if you exhibit and excel with perseverance.  Though actually constructing the WordPress site might be challenging for some at first glance, it is not.  You will learn quickly.  And for others, you can purchase beautiful blogger templates to get you started on your personal blogging career with the help of DataMax.

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