Get Started!  Purchase Your Enterprise Website.

Purchasing your new DataMax Enterprise Website is very easy and a simple process.  You will need to...

  1. SELECT A TEMPLATE:  To get started, view the various website templates available from your the current selection on any enterprise page (see Websites dropdown menu in the Navigation Bar above)
  2. PURCHASE YOUR TEMPLATE & HOSTING PACKAGE:  For Enterprise Websites, DataMax has specific Hosting Plans.  They are Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum.  Your correct plan is determined by the type of enterprise you are entering.  For example, Handyman websites require a Bronze Plan ($59.95 plus hosting), our most economical due to their minimal size.  Larger and more complex sites such as Factoring Broker websites and Cash Flow Consultant websites require a Platinum Hosting Plan.  The correct plan for your Enterprise Website is referenced on the bright green button / link on any templates page.   (more on Hosting Packages here)

    Hosting for all Enterprise websites provided on both a month-to-month basis as well as an annual subscription which includes significant discounts (recommended).  All Enterprise websites purchased must be hosted by DataMax.
  3. PURCHASE A DOMAIN:  You will need to purchase a domain (your address on the web).  You can purchase this through DataMax at when setting up your account or through any domain vendor.  If you purchase your domain through a vendor other than DataMax, you will need to point that domain to our host servers at...

Account Activation

Once your account is activated (usually within a few hours), you will receive an automated email from DataMax Admin with links to the appropriate Build Form to set up your new Enterprise website.   (more on Building Your Site)


Questions and Answers

  • Q: Once I purchased a domain, hosting account, and submitted my Build Form, how long does it take for my site to be set up?
    A: Typically, we will have your site up within 24 hours when we "match" documents.
  • Q: Can I call in my credit card information for the domain and hosting / purchase account?
    A: Absolutely.  It is very easy, however, to purchase on our management site at DMS WebHost.
  • Q: How much is my purchase fee?
    A: Purchase fees vary based on the size of your Enterprise Website but range from $59.95 for smaller sites to $119.95 relatively large sites.
  • Q: How much is my hosting fee?
  •  A: It depends on the term of your plan.  At DataMax, we offer plans for month-to-month hosting all the way up to three (3) year plans.  Hosting runs from $7.95 per month to $12.95 per month.
  • Q: What if I already own a domain for my business?
    A:  No problem.  You will, however, need to "Point" your domain to our name servers so we can access the domain to build your site.  (more info).
  • Q:  Is there a contract term with DataMax?
    A:  We offer month to month hosting as well as discounted annual subscriptions.  There are no contracts.