Research Your Opportunities

Prepare to Launch Your Business

For many, starting a home-based business can represent an achievable solution to being trapped in a 9-5 minimum pay job with little or no chance of improvement.  Once you have made the important decision to "break out", below is a check list of important points and considerations as you prepare to launch.

Review Your Capabilities...Are Your Ready?

  •  SPACE:  Do you have the space to run your business from your current home.  If an office is required, is yours up to the task.
  • EQUIPMENT:  Almost all home businesses will require some technology.  Do you have a dependable computer, printer, etc.?
  • MARKETING:  How will you market your business and what will be the monthly costs?
  • COSTS:  Can you comfortably afford the start up costs and do you have backup funds for living expenses while you get your business off the ground?
  • LICENSING and ZONING:  Are there zoning restrictions in your neighborhood which prohibit the type of home business you will be launching?
  • BUSINESS PLAN:  This does not have to be extensive but write a "plan of attack" which addresses all of your early costs, abilities to finance, and necessary upgrades to get your doors open.

Do You Have the Knowledge

In many cases, you may need to gather additional business knowledge from those that have successfully launched the type of home-business you are considering.  At DataMax, we have assembled a list of highly reviewed enterprise guides for each opportunity we support.  There are direct links to these support and training publications on our "Big List" Page of Business Opportunities.  

Additionally, you will likely find that you want or need to develop or improve a lot of your marketing skills.  For example, many enterprises can benefit significantly from well managed social media marketing campaigns and it will be very important to brush up on or learn such skills. a Wealth of Information...But Get a Kindle Reader

No matter what type of enterprise you are about to launch, you will find that likely has an excellent selection of "how to" books on the subject.  This will include books specifically on how to successfully launch your enterprise and also books on marketing and business development.  But here's a tip:  Invest in a Kindle Reader. 

So many titles are now made available in Kindle format that the savings you will experience on just a few quality titles will pay for your Kindle.  It is one of the best investments you can make as you prepare to launch your home based business.  We favor the Paper White version for its clarity but regardless of the style you choose, consider investing in a Kindle.  You can view your options by clicking the Amazon link at left.