Checking Your Site for Proper Operation

After you have received email notification that your new website is published and operational, you will need to take a few moments to check the site and make certain everything is operating properly.

Viewing Your Site for the First Time Online

When we send you email notification, there will be a "hot link" to your site in the email and you can click on that link to view your site.

To view your site from the internet, simply type your URL (including the www.) into your browser's address bar.  Make certain you type the URL into the address bar and NOT your search bar.  When your site is first published, the various search engines such as GOOGLE have not yet had time to crawl your site and index it.  It usually takes about two weeks for your site to be indexed.

Checking Page Links for Proper Operation

Spend a few moments on your site, going from page to page and insure the page links are working properly.  This usually takes no more than 5 or 6 minutes but insures visitors to your site will not be subject to "Page Not Found" notices and poor performance.  If you find an error anywhere, complete a technical support work ticket and submit it to our support staff.

Checking Form Submissions

All DataMax Enterprise Websites will contain at least one contact form and many, such as Cash Flow Broker sites may contain 10 or more.  Forms mean prospects, leads, business, and income and you want to make certain your form submissions are getting to you.

Send a "test" from each form on your site and make certain the form is getting through.  All DataMax website forms are tested on major webmail providers such as AOL, Yahoo Mail, Gmail, etc. and work fine. If you are seeking a true business email, see the information below.  You will have problems with form submissions using Microsoft Office 365 Mail and Google's Business Email which is a Google App.  Gmail will work fine.

Sending in a Support Ticket

If you find an error in contact information, spelling, etc. or if you find a form that is inoperative, submit a Work Ticket for the repair through DMS WebHost. 

  • Log in to DMS WebHost using the credentials you set up at purchase.
  • From your dashboard, select the BLUE BUTTON that says +Open New Ticket
  • Submit

Checking Your Site After Repairs Are Made (Clear the Cache)

After you have been notified via email that your repair is completed, check you site.  NOTE: It is likely you will need to clear your browser's cache in order to see the changes.  This is usually easy to accomplish simply by holding your keyboard's CONTROL Key and at the same time, pressing the F5 Key. In some instances, you will need to clear your browsing history to clear the cache.

Hosting / Product Addons

Often, you will find you need an additional "Addon" service that you neglected to select with your initial hosting order.  Most often, this is an SSL Certificate (Secure Site) or a Business Email Pak.  To order a product Addon after your website is set up...

  • Log in to DMS WebHost using the credentials you set up at purchase.
  • From your dashboard, select SHORTCUTS > Order New Services
  • From the Default Display Page (HOSTING PLANS FOR ENTERPRISE WEBSITES) select the small white button upper left that says >Show Menu
  • From the drop down menu, select PRODUCT ADDONS
  • This will display the available ADDONS for your Enterprise Website

Accessing Your cPanel

Once your site is operational, you will have access to you cPanel (Control Panel).  This panel will allow you to update the text and images on your site, configure your business email. and much more.

To access your cPanel, you will go to where "yourdomain" is actual domain address.  Your USERNAME and PASSWORD for cPanel access is provided by DataMax and you can request it by submitting a SUPPORT TICKET.

Business Email (Webmail)

All DataMax Enterprise Website templates are provided with at five (5) business email accounts and SPECIALTY HOSTING ACCOUNTS can purchase a domain-related email "Pak" for just $23.95 per year.  You will set up your business email accounts from cPanel.  Your email accounts are automatically set up for you by DataMax when you site is activated.

Accessing Business Email (Webmail)

Accessing your business email is very easy.  You will pick up your domain related email at "WEBMAIL".  To log into WEBMAIL, you will simply go to where "your domain" is your website's domain. 

You have two business email client choices through DataMax.  They are  Horde, and RoundCube.  When you first log into WEBMAIL, you will be asked which program you prefer to use.  Horde is a powerful email handling program and tends to be the most popular. 

At initial log in, you will use the PASSWORD provided by DataMax.  You will be able to change that PASSWORD and all email functions from the Email Control Panel after first logging in.

Editing the Text and Images on Your Site

Changes and updates to contact information (address changes, phones, etc.) on your website are always complimentary and you only need to submit a SUPPORT TICKET for such updates.

Basic text and image editing to your site can be done by you through your cPanel or by requesting your edits to be done by DataMax (shop rates apply).  To view your website pages and edit text, you have choices of two (2) editors, code and html.  The html editor will display the entire page as it appears on the web and you can simply position your cursor and type in text changes as you would like.  The code editor displays the html and css as it is written.  If you do not have coding experience, you will likely want to limit your use to the html editor.

Editing Through DataMax

If you are uncomfortable editing your own pages, you can always request changes be made to your site through DataMax.  This is provided at shop rates.

Microsoft Expressions Web Editor

If you want to make major changes to your Enterprise Website, we recommend Microsoft's Expressions Web.  Expressions Web is a powerful editor for html websites and can be downloaded for FREE.  Unless you have some html experience, however, you will likely need a guide for this product.  More information on Expressions Web is here.