Modifying Your DataMax Website

Although our design staff provides custom WordPress applications for large businesses, most DataMax websites are Enterprise Series "templatized" sites and are designed to provide entrepreneurs with a very low cost web marketing alternative when first launching their home-based business.  That does not mean you cannot customize your site and make it one-of-a-kind.  In fact, we encourage you to make he new site "yours" as this will enhance search engine results.

Modifications During Setup

When your site is initially setup, DataMax allocates one hour of "free" service time to make certain your site is as you want it.  This will include additions of such things as price lists, service area adjustments, etc.  We also provide necessary periodic changes to addresses, phone numbers, fax numbers, email address, and other important contact information on a complimentary basis.  Once your site is set up and operational, it can be easily updated:

  • by using the file manager in your cPanel
  • through the WYSIWYG Expressions Web editor (larger jobs and CSS editing)
  • by DataMax techs at a our design shop rates.

Website Repairs

Repairs are made on a no-charge basis and include such things as correcting a misspelling in your site's text and fixing a broken page link.  To make a repair request, simply log into your customer dashboard at DMS WebHost and submit a Work Ticket

Fee-Based Changes After Setup

DataMax service fees are $50 per hour (billed in 15 minute increments) and most updates can be accomplished within a 15 minute billing time frame  This will include... 

  • TEXT CHANGES:  Again, this is easily accomplished using cPanel.  You can also modify or change text within your site simply by submitting the text to us via email and describing what you want to replace.  We will format and style the text to match the existing style on your site. So long as the text changes are copy/paste and within reason, they can typically be done within a 15 minute time frame for $15.00
  • ADDING SOCIAL MEDIA LINKS:  We can add social media links (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) at a modest fee of $15.00.  You will need to generate the script code and simply send it to us in a Technical Support Ticket.
  • ELIMINATING PAGES:  In some cases, a DataMax template has product or service pages related to those you do not offer and you may want such pages eliminated.  This is typically a 15 minute process for $15.00.
  • ADDING LINKS:  If you are linking to an additional website.  Again, 15 minutes is usually enough time to add links.  $15.00
  • GOOGLE ANALYTICS:  Google Analytics is a popular website analytics service which will provide you with demographic information about your visitors.  Once you have generated the script code from the Google Analytics site, we will update your site's pages. $15.00 flat fee.

Other Fee-Based Changes and Modifications

The following are modifications we will also gladly perform but which are fee-based and which will generally take longer than 15 minutes.

  • ADDING PAGES & NAVIGATION:  If you provide an additional service which is not included in your template and would like to add a page or two to your site to promote that service, we will design the page and navigation.  You will be responsible for providing us with the descriptive copy for the page. (Shop rate...$60.00 per hour)
  • CHANGING IMAGES:  DataMax has a library of roughly 15,000 images we use for design work.  Should you want to change a particular image on your site, we can probably provide you with exactly what you would like.  (Shop rate...$60.00 per hour)
  • TEMPLATE REPLACEMENT / UPGRADES: Periodically, you may want to change "look" of your business website by selecting an entirely new template:  This is a flat rate of $50.00 for any standard site or $65.00 if your site has multiple links for affiliates programs, etc.
  • CODING / PROGRAMMING:  If you are creating a database or require coding for a particular website function, we can likely provide that service.  (Shop rate...$135.00 per hour)
  • CUSTOM WEB DESIGN:  (Shop rate...$50.00 per hour)

Using Your cPanel HTML Editor to Edit Text

Making basic text changes, email / phone number updates, etc. is very easy to do using the html editor found in your cPanel.

  • Log into cPanel
  • From FILES select FILE MANAGER
  • Double-click the small blue globe next to www to display the page files in your site
  • Select any page in your site (it will turn blue)
  • From the NAVIGATION BAR above select HTML Editor
  • From the pop up box select small the Edit Button (lower right hand corner)
  • The page you selected will now appear with a full array of standard editing tools.  Place your cursor on the text you wish to edit and type.
  • When you are done editing the page, select SAVE from the upper left corner of your tools
  • Additional information on cPanel is here.

Using the Microsoft Expressions Web® Editor

Although all DataMax Enterprise Websites are "templatized", we know making additions and text changes can be sometimes important.  You may want to update price lists, service areas, menu items, etc. on more than just an occasional basis and most of this can be accomplished with your cPanel editor.  At DataMax, we are always happy to perform these tasks based on our fee rates. 

To make larger, structural updates yourself, we recommend using a WYSYWIG (what you see is what you get) editor, such as Microsoft's Expressions Web®.

The Expressions Web editor is a powerful, free website editor you can use to make virtually any change to to any non-Word Press website.  With Expressions Web, you will be able to use FTP file transfer to keep an editable version of your website on your desktop or laptop computer, edit your site in any way you want, and quickly publish the changes for all the world to see.  (Additional Information Here)

Creating a Work Ticket

If you choose to have our technical support staff make an upgrade, addition, or replacement, simply log into your dashboard at DMS WebHost and complete a Work Ticket.

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