Accessing cPanel

Accessing Your cPanel

Your cPanel is a web hosting product that provides a graphical interface which provides a variety of utilities for our hosted clients.  You cPanel offers a large selection of tools to assist you in developing your business but two of the most commonly used functions are:

  • HTML EDITOR:  This will allow you to edit text on your website, change menus, update pricing and  contact information, add photos, etc.
  • EMAIL EDITOR:  This will allow you to set up your business email addresses

With cPanel's HTML file editor, you will be able to view each html page of your website in a WYSIWYG format and easily edit text, update price lists, replace images, change contact information, and much more.

Accessing and Logging Into Your cPanel

Its very easy to access your cPanel.  Using the login UserName and Password provided by DataMax for your website:

  • Access the cPanel login portal.  To do so, go to http://cpanel.yourdomain where "yourdomain" will simply be your websites URL. For example, if your websites URL is, you will simply enter
  • Enter your UserName and Password information provided by DataMax to log into cPanel
  • Click the "Log In" Button

Learning to Use Your cPanel:  Videos

There are hundreds of videos on the web regarding cPanel and its operation.  To learn the basics and explore most cPanel tools and functions click here.

Requesting Your cPanel Credentials From DataMax

To request your cPanel access credentials from DataMax, simply log into your dashboard at DMS WebHost and create a Support Ticket requesting your cPanel credentials.

Once you receive your UserName and Password, write them down in a safe place.