Terminating Your Hosting Plan at DataMax

In today's online world of endless social media networking and powerful commission-generating online affiliate marketing opportunities, terminating an existing website and enterprise is almost never a good idea.  With your site already indexed at Google, it is a much better idea to simply add affiliate marketing content and use the domain as a cash commission generator.  You can find out more regarding today's amazing commission generating affiliate marketing opportunities by clicking here.

How to Terminate Your Website and Hosting Services at DataMax

If you feel the need to terminate your business and hosting services, we are sorry to see you go.  Please follow the guidelines below.

  • POST-JUNE 2016:  If you began hosting your site with DataMax after June 1st, 2016, your site is being hosted in our new servers and all support functions are provided through DMS WebHost.  To terminate your services and cease billing activities, simply log into your account at www.dmswebhost.com.  You will log in using the email address you provided at sign up and the password you created.  If you have forgotten your your password, there is an automated recovery system for you to use to get access.
  • PRE-JUNE 2016:  If you set up your Hosting Account prior to June 2016 AND HAVE NOT UPDATED YOUR SITE SINCE JUNE, 2016, you are likely still being hosted in our OLD server system.  As such, you will need to complete the short form below to terminate your hosting.
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Technical Department Please TERMINATE my hosting plan
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