Setting up your email accounts and marketing system

Business Email Accounts

A business email such as or is a very, very important and powerful direct marketing tool.  As such, DataMax provides free business email with all standard ENTERPRISE WEBSITE hosting packages and offers business emails "Paks" at a very low cost of just $23.95 per for other hosting packages.  This is just $1 per month per domain-related email box. 

Why you Need a Business Email Address

Domain-related business emails are an important marketing tool and once you set your email up, you should begin using it for EVERYTHING!  Because the email you send to friends, family, business associates and others now has a domain associated with it, curious receivers of your email will now visit your website to find out more about you.

Your Business Email Addresses provided by DataMax...

  1. Give Receivers the Right First Impression of Your Business
  2. Create a Larger Image of Your Enterprise
  3. Instantly Build Credibility and Trust
  4. Promote Brand and Product Awareness

Filling Out the Build Form:  Forms Email Address

When initially completing the BUILD FORM and setting your new Enterprise website, you willEamil Marketing find two text boxes for you to submit email addresses.  You must always provide us with a "Business Email" address so we can code your site's CONTACT FORMS and make them operational.  You can also provide us with a "Marketing Email" that you will primarily use for marketing and driving visitors to your site.

Although you can use a personal email as a business email address for forms, it is a poor choice.  We recommend a domain-related email for this purpose (forms submissions) such as:


Filling Out the Build Form:  Setting Up Business Email Addresses

You can create an additional email address using your name (john@, bill@, gloria@, etc. or for particular functions on your Build Form as well.  If you have purchased email boxes through DataMax, simply reference them on the Build Form and these will be set up for you.

Accessing Your Business Email and Login Instructions

To check your email boxes and to send email, you will access webmail login at: where "" is the actual domain of your particular website.   Once there, you will see two (2) text boxes to fill out.

  • Upper Text Box:  Here enter the full email address of the email box you wish to access
  • Lower Text Box:  Here enter your DataMax supplied password.  You will be able to update your password after successfully logging in to your mail area.

Send Yourself a Sample Form

When you receive notice from DataMax that your site is active, you should immediately visit your site and send a sample contact form from your "Contact Us" page or any other important form page on your site.  Additionally, when you are utilizing direct marketing campaigns to drive visitors to your site, always check the forms and insure they are operating properly prior to launching any campaign.

Setting Up an Email Marketing Account

No matter what DataMax Enterprise you have chosen to launch, you will definitely need to subscribe to an email marketing platform to stay in touch with your clients and prospects.  One of the most widely used service is MailChimp with its low cost (Free for up to 2,000 prospects and 12,000 emails per month) and exceptional array of features.  We highly recommend you set up some type of email marketing system very early on.