Earn Affiliate RA Cash from DataMax

The DataMax Referral Affiliates (RA) Program

Ready to earn some additional income to supplement your current home based business enterprise?  If so, we've got you covered with the new DataMax Referral Affiliates Program (RA Program).  And the great news is, if your an existing DataMax Enterprise website client...you've already earned some commissions!

At DataMax, we know that no one gets more excited about business opportunities and more enthused about starting an new entrepreneurial enterprise than someone who is currently already involved in a home business.  And in today's inflationary economy, almost everyone is looking to supplement their income with some home-based business that can help them to develop additional or multiple income streams. Earn Referral Associate Cash

The DataMax Referral Affiliates Program...It's Different

The DataMax Referral Affiliates Program (RA Program) is a one of a kind referral program available ONLY to existing and future Enterprise website clients.   With the RA Program, and unlike most other affiliate programs, you do NOT post affiliate links on your website.  Instead, RA program members simply make a direct referral to DataMax of friends, family members, and those they know and network with that are interested in exciting home business opportunities.  Here's how the program works...

How the RA Program Works.  It Couldn't Be Easier!

Under the RA Program at DataMax...

  • An existing DataMax client (you) simply complete a short form to submit a referral.  The referral should be someone you know that has an interest in home business opportunities and in earning additional income..
  • Once submitted, you are registered as the "referrer" in our referral management system and the person you refer will receive a SINGLE email from us telling them about your referral and offering them the opportunity to opt-in to our informative newsletter, bulletins, and offers.
  • If at any time during the next 12 calendar months your referral purchases any DataMax Enterprise website template for their business, you will earn a commission of 25% of the value of that template.   This means any...
    • Enterprise Bronze Template ($59.95):  You earn $15.00
    • Enterprise Silver Template ($79.95):  You earn $20.00
    • Enterprise Gold Template  ($99.95):  Your earn $25.00
    • Enterprise Platinum Template ($119.95):  You earn $30.00
    • Special IACFB Factoring Program ($249.95):  You earn $62.50
    • Special IACFB Sponsored Agent Program ($99.95):  You earn $25.00
    • WordPress Business Startup / Setup ($99.95)  You earn $25.00   

How to Make a Referral

To make referrals and begin earning Referral Affiliate Cash, simply click here or the RED BUTTON in the image at upper left corner of this page.  Complete the form and that's it.  Your referral will receive an opt-in email from DataMax and if at anytime during the next 12 calendar months your referral purchases any enterprise website, you will earn a commission.


Guess What?  If You're a DataMax Client...You're Eligible to Earned an RA Commission Right Now!

Unlike all other affiliate programs that pay NO COMMISSION on your own purchases...we do!  If you are a current DataMax Enterprise website client with hosting current, you're already eligible to earn an RA Referral Commission on your own site.  To ACTIVATE your RA Affiliate Account and claim your first commission, simply complete the form below. 

Start Earning RA Cash Today!  To get all the details on how to earn and earn BIG, simply complete the form below to download our informative RA Guide.

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