Become a Word Press Blogger

Setting Up Your Own WordPress Blog

Blogging is by far the fastest growing entrepreneurial area on the web and with the recent exposure of spying and nefarious activities by Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, more and more individuals are turning to the security, power, and money making opportunities associated with a personal or business blog.  In short, they are "super-charging" their investment in social media time to better participate and benefit monetarily from time spent in the "social world".  

Whether you are launching a new business brokering notes and cash flows or starting a handyman business, having your own blog can be one of the most powerful marketing tools at your disposal.  Blogs can be used to exemplify your expertise with prospective clients or simply to assist in the relationship building process with sources of referral.  

Blogs: Essential for All Entrepreneurs

At DataMax, we view blogs as an almost essential component to successful marketing and this is especially true for mobile creatives and new business entrepreneurs.  Blogs can dramatically enhance the effectiveness of newsletters and standard email marketing and in some instances, may replace both.  They provide a method of sharing your expertise by posting interesting business content but also allow you share your personal thoughts and ideas as well.  They are powerful add-ons for anyone with a business website and can be used to dramatically increase your website's visitors.

Monetizing Your Blog

Because DataMax WordPress blogs exist in their own domain, they can be monetized.  This means blogs can not only pay for themselves but also provide sizable income through advertising and affiliate participation as you build a successful following.  Though blogging takes a little more work, all other social media such as Twitter and Facebook pale in comparison to the enormous power of having your own blog. 

Since your blog is in it's own domain, it will be indexed by Google.  This means articles you post on your blog will be available to be viewed by the entire world and not just a smattering of followers on Twitter or Facebook.  Once indexed, they will pay dividends forever as individuals from all corners of the world seek out and read your content.

Setting Up a Business Blog at DataMax

With their marketing and business development power well documented, almost all small business entrepreneurs should invest in a blog and learn how to use it.  At DataMax, we provide exceptionally inexpensive blog programs and even a WordPress Startup / Setup Program for those wanting to get up and running immediately.

Updated and Running Your Blog

Once your WordPress blog is activated, you will have full access to the mighty WordPress control panel for blog customization.  To setup and modify your blog, you need have no knowledge of html, css, or coding languages.  Once you learn to navigate the WordPress Control Panel, you can be posting content to your blog within a few short hours.  Complete instructions on setup and running your WordPress blog can be had in the excellent training manual "WordPress...the Missing Manual" available from Amazon.

Access to WordPress Themes

There are thousands of FREE themes available to you when setting up your blog.  If you want to give your blog even more flexibility (especially important when monetizing), many additional "professional" theme versions can be purchased typically for $30-$50.