Start Your Own Lawn Care Business

Opportunities in Lawn Care and Landscaping

Lawn Care businesses can be exceptional in warmer climate areas where you will be performing year round services.  In other areas, with an abundance of snow, you can supplement caring for lawns with other services such as snow removal.  In areas with extended winter months but minimal snow, you will need to take on other "handyman tasks".  Still opportunities in lawn care abound and many in this business find they can earn enough money during the spring, summer, and fall months, to easily carry themselves through the winter.

Startup Costs in Lawn Care

From a home opportunity standpoint, the lawn care business will require some investment capital as you will certainly need some quality equipment such as mowers, a truck with trailer, and additional items such as weed eaters, trimmers, leaf baggers, etc. so a startup budget for this enterprise can easily reach $10,000 - $15,000 or more.  Competition can also be fierce in some areas but in others, such as the southern states, there is enormous opportunities to be found.  Once established, this is a business with enormous growth potential and you will need to plan on the expenses that come with more employees and equipment.

Marketing and Getting Started

Localization is important when you are first starting out in lawn care as you really don't want to be transporting equipment long distances from job to job.  Passing out flyers and local advertising is a good method of marketing for this business but keep it "localized" and try to grow your business through word of mouth in tight geographic areas.

When starting this business, plan on working long days and hours.  You will not only need to service existing clients, but at the same time be marketing for new ones.  Successful entrepreneurs in this industry say 10-12 hour days are common when first starting out but such long days can be scaled back after the business becomes more established.