Affiliate Marketer

Monetize Your Site with Affiliate Marketing Links

For many entrepreneurs, affiliate marketing has become BIG BUSINESS and it is definitely something all DataMax clients should consider.  Though it is usually said that you do not want to show visitors how to leave your site after they have landed, affiliate marketing is the exception to that rule since it generates revenue.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

In the simplest terms, Affiliate Marketing is simple a method earning commissions by advertising certain products on your website.  In affiliate marketing terminology...

  •  You considered a Publisher:  You publish small links on your website regarding products sold by...
  • An Advertiser:  An advertiser pays other people to help them promote their products to a...
  • Consumer:  The consumer is the visitor to your website that will click a link and purchase a product from the advertiser.

What are Affiliate Marketing Links?

Affiliate Links are encoded tracking cookies, often in the form of an image, that you place on your website.  When a visitor clicks the link resulting in a sale from a publisher's website such as yours, the image's dedicated code allows the advertiser to track which publisher has earned the commission.  As the publisher, you will access for login to your account at the advertiser's website to check and view your sales successes.

Who Should Use Affiliate Marketing?

Almost anyone who owns a website can benefit from getting involved with affiliate marketing but especially those operating home-based businesses on a part-time basis.  Affiliate marketing can often provide a level of income that helps defray expenses during startup.  A few examples of enterprises that can benefit greatly from affiliate marketing are:

  • MOBILE NOTARY:  Notaries are legally unable to offer legal advice but that does not mean they cannot earn commissions.  Post links to law firms that provide document production such as online incorporating, real estate contract, etc.  Credit repair affiliations can also be considered to name a few.
  • NOTE / CASH FLOW BROKERS:  All note / cash flow brokers can benefit greatly from joining affiliate programs with such high-payout programs as law firms, real estate training, factoring and commercial finance, and many more. 
  • FACTORING BROKERS:  Factoring is one of the few methods of finance available to start up entrepreneurs and having links to law firms that provide incorporation, collections, and credit repair can be huge income generators.  For brokers only operating part time and working a day job, having links to online commission-generating funding sources means your website works for you when you cannot.
  • BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY COACH:  Those engage in the business of coaching others starting home-based enterprises have hundreds of opportunities for high-payout affiliate links including very-high payout training programs such as those found at Legacy Education.
  • PET SITTER / HOUSE SITTER:  Dozens of quality affiliates programs involving pet toys, grooming, etc. can be found at sites such as Commission Junction.  These are a natural add-on for all involved in this business enterprise.

Where to Find High Payout Affiliate Links

Affiliate Links can be found very easily simply by searching through Google.  Additionally thousands of links are available through Commission Junction and Click Bank.  Although not a high-payout advertiser, joining Amazon's affiliate program opens the door to tens of thousands of products for your website.

At DataMax, we provide links to specific high-payout affiliates in the sidebar of each enterprise we support.  To view these affiliates, simply visit the specific home-based opportunity by selecting CARREER PATHS from the Navigation Bar above.