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About DataMax Marketing Systems and Enterprise Websites

DataMax is an integrated provider of affordable web-based marketing solutions for business opportunity-seeking entrepreneurs and especially those in their early start up phase. Our "Enterprise Series" website designs focus on many popular entrepreneurial business types and are templated to keep initial design and publishing costs to an absolute minimum.

Get Up and Running Quickly.  The "Enterprise Website" Concept and WordPress

When launching a new business, virtually all self-starting, mobile creative entrepreneurs want a functioning website from day one and that is the purpose of Enterprise Websites at DataMax.  Because they are templated, they can be up and operational typically within 24 hours.  All DataMax Enterprise Websites are "static html" and extremely low cost, typically running from $39.95 to $79.95 plus hosting.   WordPress at DataMax

But in the End... It's All About WordPress

DataMax static html Enterprise Websites will get your business up and operational immediately but all entrepreneurs and mobile creatives should ultimately strive to create their very own WordPress design and to assist you in doing so, we install the WordPress application in a background folder of every Enterprise website we build.  This allows our clients to have a functioning, revenue generating business website, while at the same time constructing a beautiful and powerful WordPress website in the background and in their spare time.

Why WordPress?

 As of 2019, WordPress powers and is responsible for over 34% of the internet.  That's right!  Over 1 in 3 of the websites you visit when browsing the web are created with WordPress and it is by far the fastest growing CMS (Content Management System) worldwide with over 650 new sites being built daily or 7 times that of it's nearest competitor.  Additionally, there are over 11,000 beautiful WordPress themes to choose from when creating your own WordPress masterpiece as well as over 50,000 plugins to help you make your WordPress website functionally unique and one-of-a-kind among all in the world.

Most important, unlike static html sites, to create and expand your WordPress site you will not need to learn any html coding or CSS to build a beautiful and powerful website since the WordPress application includes it's own easy to master dashboard and control panel.   Virtually anyone can learn to navigate and operate the WordPress dashboard and build a beautiful website with just a minor amount of instruction from low cost, "how to" instruction manuals such as those on the left.  

Am I Required to Build a WordPress Website?

Absolutely not.  In fact over 50% of all DataMax clients operate their business day in and day out with our affordable static html designed sites.  If you are an Enterprise Website client, however, we do, highly recommend you eventually move up to WordPress and we provide you with the means to upgrade at anytime since we always install the WordPress module for FREE when setting up your site.  So long as you have selected an annual, biennial, or triennial hosting plan with DataMax, the WordPress module is installed in a sub-folder for you to access at anytime.  

Can DataMax Build My WordPress Website For Me?

Absolutely and we build WordPress creations for our clients all the time.  Our standard shop rate for WordPress design is $50 per hour with the average Enterprise Website taking 10 to 20 hours to complete so as you can see, it is highly advisable that your learn to navigate the WordPress dashboard yourself.