Setting Up Your Business Email Account

A business email such as or is a very, very powerful direct marketing tool.  As such, DataMax provides you with up to five (5) free business emails that can be associated with your account.

Why you Need a Business Email Address

Business emails are a powerful marketing tool and once you set your email up, you should begin using it for EVERYTHING!  Because the email you send to friends, family, business associates and others now has a domain associated with it, curious receivers of your email will now visit your website to find out more about you.

Your FREE Business Email Addresses provided by DataMax...

  1. Give Receivers the Right First Impression of Your Business
  2. Create a Larger Image of Your Enterprise
  3. Instantly Build Credibility and Trust
  4. Promote Brand and Product Awareness

When Setting Up Your Site on the Build Form

When initially completing the BUILD FORM and setting your site, you will provide us with a "Business Email" address so we can code your site's CONTACT FORMS and make them operational.  Although you can use a personal email address for this, it is a poor choice.  We recommend an email for this purpose (forms submissions) such as:

  •  info@
  • quotes@
  • contact@
  • submissions@

This will use one of the five email addresses we provide for you at no cost.

Additional Email Addresses

You can create additional email addresses using your name or for particular functions through your cPanel after your site is built and active.  To set up additional emails:

  • Log into your cPanel
  • Navigate to the Email icon
  • Enter the new email address
  • Enter the new Password
  • Leave the size selector on 250mb (This is more than you will ever use)
  • Select SAVE